SFBWS Survey, First questions

25% of survey complete.

Thank you for taking this survey! We look forward to hearing your ideas about the visitor stations and their Nature Stores in the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont (Visitor Contact Station) and in San Jose/Alviso (Environmental Education Center). The Nature Stores are managed by the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society (SFBWS) to raise money for Tideline newsletters.  We appreciate your time to take this survey and your feedback.

Welcome to a survey from the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society (SFBWS)

<span style="color: #171791;"><em>Welcome to a survey from the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society (SFBWS)</em></span>

* 1. In the past 24 months, how many times have you visited the INSIDE of either of these two centers at Don Edwards SFB NWR ?

  Once 2 -5 times More than 5 visits Never
San Jose (Alviso) Environment Education Center (EEC)
Fremont Visitor Contact Station (VCS)

* 2. What was the purpose of your visit (in general or most recent)?

* 3. Could you help us and share why you went inside the center (check all that apply)

* 4. Roughly what day and time of day did you visit (check all that apply)

  Morning Afternoon Evening

* 5. Changes in Visitor Station Access:
Both these stations will be closed on Sundays temporarily. The Environmental Education Center (EEC) in Alviso/San Jose and the Visitor Contact Stations (VCS) in Fremont will be open primarily during the midday hours Monday – Saturday. All Sunday programs will be eliminated. Trails and boardwalks will remain open daily from sunrise to sunset, except for certain holidays. Portable toilets are present in each station parking lot; however, regular bathrooms may be closed whenever stations are closed.

Will this Sunday closure influence your future visits?

* 6. Did you look at the items for sale in the Nature Store at either location during your visits?

* 7. Did you purchase any items on any visit(s)?