* 1. Do you often need to ban people/refuse them service?

* 2. For how long (on average) are they banned/refused service?

* 3. Aproximately how many people are banned at any given time?

* 4. Do you feel like you (and your co-workers) have sufficient overview over bans?

* 5. How do you keep track of those banned/refused service?

* 6. If a webservice existed where you could keep track and easily manage information about bans, would you be interested to try it for free? If yes, please add your email to the comment field and we'll keep you posted! If not, type "No"

* 7. Besides compliance with laws and regulations, what would be the most important aspects of such a service? (You can choose as many options as you like)

* 8. Would you be willing to pay a small monthly fee for such a service?

* 9. Do you have any further comments or suggestions for us?