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* 1. The Lake County Continuum of Care (LCCoC) invites you to participate in the 2021 Community Survey. This survey will help us prioritize the populations we serve and the projects the LCCoC will fund. Please answer the following questions:

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* 2. The Lake County Continuum of Care uses a Coordinated Entry System (CES), to prioritize clients we serve in Lake County. The Housing Urban Development (HUD) program gives us guidance on how to prioritize residents who are experiencing homelessness. Using the Coordinated Entry System, the Lake County Continuum of Care must prioritize and serve the chronically homeless, individuals with significant challenges and functional impairments, high utilizers of crisis or emergency services, domestic violence victims, veterans, and children and youth. Other priorities can be determined by the community.  Please assist us in prioritizing who we additionally can serve, by selecting ONE of the following:

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* 3. The LCCoC receives funding for services from specific grants, that cover five project types.

The five project types are:


-  Emergency Shelter

 - Transitional Housing which offers up to 24 months of rental assistance and services

 - Rapid Rehousing that includes housing identification (recruiting landlords), move in and rental assistance (deposits, first month’s rent, last month’s rent, utility assistance and temporary and limited rent) and case management services

 - Save Haven, funding for domestic violence housing

 - Permanent Supportive Housing for Veterans, individuals with mental health and physical disabilities, and transition age foster youth 

Please select ONE of the five housing project types, that you would like the Continuum of Care to prioritize and focus more funding:

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* 4. The LCCoC applies for funding from the federal and state governments. We can work on applying for funds to support specific housing projects. Please indicate your top two (2) housing projects you would like the LCCoC to apply for funding, with # 1 being your highest choice:

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* 5. The LCCoC may be able to offer more services through available funding sources. Please indicate your top two (2) choices for services to be funded:

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* 6. This survey can be taken starting September 2,2021 by Survey Monkey or on paper and scanned to Melissa Kopf The survey ends October 31, 2021. 

Thank you for participating in the Lake County Continuum of Care Community Survey. Your responses are important in building a program plan for Lake County.

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