Do you want your social enterprise to be more than just a dot on a map?

CCEDNet-Ontario is collaborating with partners to develop fully searchable online directory of Ontario social enterprises

This survey also provides you the opportunity to include your information in the national Social Enterprise Canada Marketplace ( and, the GTHA database of social enterprises for Metrolinx opportunities (for SEs in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area).   If you are interested in being included in these  SE resources, do make sure to select that option in the survey.

These initiatives will increase the profile of social enterprises and the products and services they sell.

If your organization has multiple social enterprises, please complete a separate survey for each one.

* 1. Does your organization currently own or operate a social enterprise(s)? If your organization has multiple social enterprises, please complete a separate survey for each one.

* 2. What is the primary language(s) spoken at your Social Enterprise?

* 3. Please fill out the following information for your social enterprise:

* 4. Does your organization have a head office (separate from the social enterprise) or a "parent organization" for a social enterprise? If yes, please fill out the information below. (If no move to question #5)

* 5. What is your sales/public contact information? (Information that can be made accessible to the general public)

* 6. What is the legal structure of your social enterprise? Please check ALL that apply.

* 7. Select the PRIMARY mission or purpose category that best describes your social enterprise:

* 8. Describe the purpose of the social enterprise in 1-2 lines.

* 9. What type of business is your social enterprise

* 10. What is the PRIMARY sector of the business?

* 11. If your product or service is best described by one of the items included in brackets in the above list, please type it here:

* 12. Describe the main product or service being sold in 1-2 lines.

* 13. Tell us about your sales area. Is it:

* 14. In what region of Ontario is your enterprise located?

* 15. In which year did your social enterprise first start selling products or services?

* 16. Tell us about the scale of your business. Does it: (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 17. Which of the following demographic groups does your social enterprise primarily focus on to train, employ or provide services to as part of your mission? Please check any that apply.

  Employ, Train or Provide services
Everyone in your community
Aboriginal/indigenous peoples
Visible minorities
Individuals with disabilities
Homeless individuals
Low-income individuals

* 18. Is your annual sales revenue:

* 19. Are you currently a member of the Social Enterprise Canada Marketplace through Enterprising Non-Profits (enp)

* 20. The following information will be kept on our records, but WILL NOT BE shared online. We will contact you once a year to remind you to update your listing on the Ontario directory and SECC's national marketplace.

* 21. Please confirm that you would like your social enterprise's information (provided above) to be included in:

*Some of these questions are based on those developed by Dr. Peter Hall, Simon Fraser University and Dr. Peter Elson, Mount Royal University for social enterprise surveys conducted in provinces of Canada. For more information and updates, on these surveys and reports, see / or contact CCEDNet-Ontario by phone: 416-760-2554 or email: