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This form was designed to help us collect feedback from you as an attendee to the SEYMM Multiplier event.

Your opinion is important to us and will be used to increase our service level and make our next event more effective for participants. We thank you in advance for the time and effort you are investing in filling out this form

Rating scale for performance:
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* 1. Feedback Form

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To what extend did the content of the event address your expectations?
How satisfactory was the agenda of the event?
How do you rate the quality of presentations?
How would you rate the usefulness of the presentations from your own prospective?
How would you rate the content of the presentations?
Was the content of the presentations helpful to increase the level of awareness about the role of the community media and social entrepreneurship for youth?
Was the location chosen for the event convenient?
Were the speakers well prepared and catchy?
How would you rate the overall organization of SEYMM Multiplier event?
How would you rate the opportunities for Networking during the event?