Please help us plan SETIcon II 2012 by completing this survey. Your opinions and ideas are important to us.

What is SETIcon? It's a public event where science and imagination meet. The first SETIcon brought together noted scientists, science fiction writers, science pundits, amateur astronomers, entertainers, teachers, and hundreds of people with an interest in the question of life beyond our planet. For 2.5 days, people participated in panels, presentations, book signings, and celebrations. More information about the first SETIcon:


* Did you attend the first SETIcon in August, 2010?

* If you attended SETIcon in 2010, how did you learn about the event? (Select all that apply.)

* What are good dates for SETIcon II?

  First choice Second choice Third choice Won't work
May 4-6, 2012
June 22-24, 2012
July 6-8, 2012

* SETIcon II will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please rank the potential sites.

  First Second Third Fourth Doesn't matter to me
San Jose/Silicon Valley
San Francisco

* How often should SETIcon be held?

* I will attend

* What sort of activities are of interest to you?

  Yes OK Maybe Not important
Presentations by noted scientists
Panel discussions
Science fiction/science fact panels
Adult social events
Evening banquet (Saturday)
Space art exhibits
Auction of art, memorabilia, collectables
Hands-on science activities
Planetarium programs
Star parties (astronomical)
Exhibits and displays
Products for sale like t-shirts, posters, jewelry
Photo ops with scientists, astronauts, entertainers
Hands-on workshops for kids

* Optional: Did we miss something? Tell us why you might attend SETIcon II.

* Are you interested in pre- or post-event tours at additional cost for admission, transportation, and meals (cost varies)?

  Yes Maybe No
SETI Institute (Mountain View)
Computer History Museum (Mountain View)
California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
The Tech (science center, San Jose)
Chabot Space and Science Center (Oakland)
Lawrence Hall of Science (UC Berkeley)
Lick Observatory (near San Jose)
NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain View)
Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey)

* SETIcon will bring together noted scientists, science fiction writers, entertainers, science pundits, amateur astronomers, teachers and you. What are you willing to pay for the weekend presentations?

* Are you a TeamSETI member?

* Optional: To join our SETIcon II emailing list, please provide your name and email address. We're asking for your city information to understand where people might come from to attend SETIcon II. Thank you!