SCVMA Education and Scholarship Foundation, a 501-c-3


The SCVMA Educational and Scholarship Fund was created to help Southern California residents who are currently enrolled in AVMA-accredited College of Veterinary Medicine (in California) or RVT programs (based in California) receive financial assistance.

Requirements to apply for the SCVMA Education and Scholarship Fund

1.     Applicant must be CURRENTLY enrolled in an AVMA-accredited College of Veterinary Medicine (in California) or a California-based RVT program.  For RVT’s enrolled in an on- line program, they must be employed and/or live  in LA or OC

2.     Applicant must have established residency in Los Angeles or Orange County at the time of acceptance into their educational program. This may include, but is not limited to:

a.     Either parent lives or resides in LA or OC;

b.    For two years prior to acceptance, applicant lived and was employed in LA or OC.

c.      Attending college in LA/OC on its own, does not qualify a candidate. 

3.     Veterinary students must have completed ONE FULL year of the academic program to apply.

4.     RVT students must have completed at least ONE FULL semester of the academic program to apply.

5.     Applicants must be SCVMA Student DVM or Student RVT members for at least 3 months prior to applying. 

6.     The application must be completed in full on line before midnight Pacific time September 1.

7.     Be available for an in-person or on-line interview during the month of September or October.

8.     Must be willing to allow your picture or likeness to be published in SCVMA official publications, websites, and events.

Question Title

* 1. YOUR information

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* 2. I certify that I am a resident of

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* 3. Information about your education

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* 4. Last TWO places of employment including current employment

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* 5. List any veterinary activities within your school or within organized veterinary medicine that you have participated in.

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* 6. Within the last THREE years, what awards, scholarships or special recognitions  have you received and when?  What were they for?

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* 7. Describe ONE very specific example of your involvement as a leader.

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* 8. Describe a very significant public service activity that you were directly involved with.

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* 9. What is your long term goal in the field of veterinary medicine?

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* 10. Is there anything else that you would like to share with the Foundation that will help differentiate you from all of the other applicants?

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* 11. By placing your name below, you certify that you have read the conditions and guidelines for the SCVMA Education and Scholarship Foundation and affirm that the information entered is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief.