2017 and Prior SERFF Block Refund Opt-Out

If you have the Industry Manager or Billing Read-Only role in SERFF, you can view your blocks in SERFF. To do this:

  1.  Login to SERFF
  2. Click the Billing tab
  3. Click your Instance Name

You'll be able to see all blocks purchased, including the total number of units used and units remaining . If you want to keep the block for 2018 and not receive a refund, click OK and then complete the form below:

* 1. What is your Company Name?

* 2. What is your Customer ID/Number? (This information can be found on the Billing tab)

* 3. What is your SERFF Instance Name? (This information can be found on the top right corner of SERFF when logged in.)

* 4. Block Number(s) to be opted out of refund?

By completing this form, you are agreeing to opt out of the refund for blocks purchased in 2017 and prior. We ask that you use all remaining filing units by December 31, 2018.

* 5. Please list your contact information below.

Questions? Please contact serffbilling@naic.org or 816-783-8787