1. Self-Efficacy Project

This is awesome that you are curious, how you think about your own Self-Efficacy!

You might be wondering about the term “Self-Efficacy”. What does it mean? How it differs from self-confidence? The way I see it, Self-confidence is global, Self-efficacy is outcome-specific.

Self-confidence is "A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment." (Oxford Dictionary Online)
Self-efficacy is “A person's belief in their capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments.” (Albert Bandura)
For the purposes of this study, my definition of self-efficacy is, "A person’s belief in their action-ability to accomplish a specific task, goal or outcome."
I became very curious about what people think either strengthens, or erodes, their Self-Efficacy. I have talked with dozens of people to better understand these questions, and now, I ask you.

There are far too many people who don't believe they can do what they really want to  - and it keeps them from becoming difference-makers in the world. Too many projects, too many ideas are left undone by people with low self-efficacy – any number of which could have made an incredible impact on the world.

I am passionate about this project and I believe we can help others who might struggling with self-efficacy.  I could not do this project without you!

There are no right answers. Don't hold your thoughts back. 
There are 7 questions in total. For the best results, please answer in the order the questions are asked. Thanks!

If you would like a preliminary report of the findings please add your email on the last page.

In appreciation of your time, I would like to offer my time in return. Please schedule a no strings attached coaching session during which you can address a challenge you might be experiencing. Book at ​calendly.com/dawnlarge

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* 1. Were you even aware you had Self Efficacy? If so, tell me why you think it is important?

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