Take our quiz, and we’ll use the results to help fuel the fight against this deadly disease.

* 1. True or false: You once freaked out that you had cancer, even though you didn’t.

* 2. Googling your random health symptoms usually makes you feel:

* 3. If you find something suspicious, like a lump or unusual mole, you'll probably...

* 4. What do you do in your own life to help prevent cancer? Check all that apply.

* 5. True or false: If you’re destined to get cancer, there’s nothing you can really do to change your fate.

* 6. Check all the people in your life who’ve battled cancer.

* 7. True or false: One of your Facebook friends has died of cancer.

* 8. How worried are you that cancer will kill you?

* 9. How much money have you donated to cancer-related charities in the past year? (This includes any charity events or races.)

* 10. Which type of cancer are you most worried about getting?

* 11. If there were a test that would predict whether you would get cancer one day, would you take it?

* 12. True or false: You believe researchers will find a cure for cancer in your lifetime.