About This Survey

This is a self-assessment survey to help you make an actionable leadership development plan. The survey has been adapted from the leadership constructs identified in several books authored by John Baldoni.
Who should take this survey?  
“Leadership is the commitment to making the positive difference for oneself, the team, and the organization.” (Baldoni, 2012)
So, if you are on a journey to make a positive difference – in an individual contributor capacity or a people leader capacity – you should take this survey.
How will data from this survey be used? There are two ways (shared below) in which the results will be used. In either case, your individual responses will remain confidential and will only be reported to you.
  • Individual results: Your individual responses to this survey will be sent only to you through email along with a pointer to a set of resources you can use to create a leadership development plan.
  • Benchmarking results: In addition, we will anonymize and aggregate the data from all participants and share the group-level results with you to enable benchmarking.