This is your baseline audit for the first year and your annual audit thereafter. If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend that you download the backgrounder, outline framework and audit questions first to prepare. Work with members of your organisation individually, or in a meeting, to collectively answer the questions. It should then take you about 20 minutes to fill in this survey. You can come back and complete unfinished answers throughout.

If you are part of a network or Trust, please ask each school to complete the audit tool.

There is no one framework or model that suits all education settings around the world; that can be said of all education initiatives. However, there are similarities and some emerging evidence. We at SEEd want to find out what approaches are being taken, what is working and what is not.

There are five generic areas of whole institutional approaches to education for sustainability covered in this audit:

1. Governance/policy/management
2. Curriculum, teaching and learning
3. Campus and facilities
4. Community, partnership, outreach and communication
5. Research, action research/learning

We will send your completed audit back to you. We offer free mentoring to SEEd members to help with the audit process, and can send you a report comparing your audit to other organisations that have taken part. To find out more please contact us at
Thank you,
The SEEd Team
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