In order to advocate with the State Education Department for a process that will ensure that all approved preschool and school age programs for students with disabilities are timely and appropriately reimbursed for additional COVID-19 pandemic costs, please answer the following questions by January 8,2021. 

Information provided to SED will be aggregated and no program will be identified.

Please contact  or with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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* 1. Please select "Preschool" or "School Age" and give us your Provider Name below (optional):

Survey Questions: Because the 2020-21 rate setting methodology has not yet been approved, please assume the current cost screen parameters in answering these questions.

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* 2. Do you anticipate that your school will exceed any cost screens due to expenditures resulting from school reopening and continued compliance with NYSED and NYSDOH COVID-19 health and safety school guidelines?

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* 3. If so, to what extent do you anticipate that the cost screen parameters be exceeded?

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* 4. Should NYSED fail to reimburse schools or significantly delay reimbursement for expenditures that exceed rate methodology cost screens related to compliance with NYSED and NYSDOH COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, indicate the negative effects this action will likely have on your school. Please indicate all that apply.

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