Hungerford Nursery School needs you! Help us secure 76 more years of education at Hungerford Nursery

We are asking you to please urgently write to explain how much difference Hungerford Nursery School has made to your child and family so that we can pass these on to our MP, Rt Hon Richard Benyon.  Please complete the question below by 6th October 2018. This is so that we can secure the future of Hungerford Nursery School.

We are also having an event on Saturday October 6th 2018 at 2pm - 4.30pm.  Hungerford Nursery School will open its doors to celebrate 76 years of Outstanding early education. All are welcome to this event which is to recognize the outstanding achievement of all the Children, Parents, Staff and Community that have been involved in the past 76 years and to secure the future of the Nursery School.

All 397 Maintained Nursery Schools across the country are looking to the Treasury for a guarantee of viable funding from 2020, without which they cannot plan and budget for the future. Without this funding, maintained nurseries like Hungerford Nursery School would see an average  31% cut in funding. 

Independent research has shown that maintained nursery schools provide the highest quality early years education, meeting higher standards and employing the most qualified staff.  They provide a different service to other early years providers. 

Maintained Nursery Schools transform lives and contribute to the Governments Social Justice objectives. They do this very well. 43% of children arriving at Hungerford Nursery School (September 2017) were judged to be 'at risk' with their language development: on leaving (July 2018), this had fallen to 6% and 30% were judged to be ahead. 

Maintained Nursery Schools have a unique pool of expertise to support children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities. For example, Hungerford Nursery School provides resources and expertise to enable parents and children to access their entitlement. 

We do not keep this expertise to ourselves, but provide support and leadership for the entire early-years sector as a National Support School and Early Years Teaching Centre.

Please submit your response to the question below to explain how much difference Hungerford Nursery School has made to your child and family.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Question Title

* 1. How has Hungerford Nursery School helped your child and family?