Charlottesville City Schools

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Dear Parent,

This survey is designed to acquire feedback from parents who have children in Special Education. The feedback will be given to the Supervisor of Special Education to help guide efforts to improve Special Education services in order to better meet your child’s needs in the future. Your responses are anonymous.
If you have any questions regarding to the survey, please contact us at 

* 1. I am satisfied with my child's overall special education program.

* 2. My concerns and recommendations about my child's education were addressed in the IEP.

* 3. I was respected by the other members of my child's IEP team.

* 4. Other students at school have picked on or caused problems for my child.

* 5. The communication with my child's teachers has been satisfactory.

* 6. The communication with the administrators (e.g., principal, assistant principal) of my child's school has been satisfactory.  

* 7. I am happy with the degree to which I can contribute to my child's education at school.

* 8. What challenges have you experienced while assisting your child to succeed in his/her learning environment?

* 9. What school does your child attend?