Youth Sports Leadership Academy-Survey


Thank You for expressing an interest in joining the Youth Sports Leadership Academy. Over the next 6 weeks and throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to participate in community service projects, paid/ unpaid internships, work studies, co-ops and apprenticeships as well as leadership and personal development. Participating in YSLA will allow you to acquire the 120 hours of community service which is needed to graduate.
1.First Name
2.Last Name
3.In what ZIP code is your home located?
4.What grade level are you in currently?
5.How Many total hours do you have currently towards graduation.
6.Have you Ever Played a Sport or been on a Team? If So what sport(s)?
7.Of the volunteer opportunities listed below which are you interested in? Feel free to pick more than one.
8.What do you hope to accomplish by joining YSLA?
9.What do you want your Legacy in Life to be?