The Music Room (TMR) holds a special place in my heart... it is a safe & nurturing environment which allowed me to study singing, dancing, & (over)acting among the company of good friends, many of whom I still see regularly.  I think TMR is unique and, 33 years later, we're still sharing the love of arts with the children of Orange County... and we would love to hear from YOU!

Please answer our short survey below.  We plan to feature testimonials from TMR alumni on our updated website, and your answers are very important to us. Thank you in advance for your help!

- Peter Westenhofer, Class of '95

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* 5. What was your favorite role/show?  Why?

* 6. Do you still keep in touch with friends from TMR?

* 7. Would you recommend TMR to a friend/colleague/parent?  If no, why not?

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