1. Apply to Present Your Business San Diego Startup Week's Green Pitch Slam

This event is designed to facilitate financing and partnering opportunities for environmental and clean energy businesses. To be considered to present, we invite you to complete this free application form.

Application & Screening Process

1. Submit Application. The deadline for Startup Week application has been extended to June 8, 2017.
Room is limited. We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible.

2. Notification: The Environmental Business International (EBI) and Startup Week Selection Committee will select Presenting Companies starting by June 14, 2017; all applicants will be notified shortly thereafter whether their application has been successful.

3. Presenting Company Materials: Once accepted, Presenting Companies will be asked to submit a 10-12 company slide presentation, a 4-6 page business plan summary, and logos for the Startup Week materials.

Application is Free
There is no charge for applying or participating in this event. Please provide all of your contact information and you will also receive contact information for all attending investors.
Preparing for the Meeting
It is highly recommended that you practice delivery of your presentation to be as professional and dynamic as possible. You will have seven minutes to present, followed by about seven minutes of Q&A and feedback.  

Information Sharing
This information will be used to select Presenting Companies for this event. The Startup Week and EBI screening committee reviews all applications and will contact you directly if your application is successful or if clarifications on submitted material are needed.

Note: Our mission is to connect companies with investors and partners. All information submitted to Startup Week and Environmental Business International (EBI) by applicants and Presenting Companies* is shared with Cornerstone Investors and Sponsors and may be shared with other funding sources. By completing and signing this application you are authorizing EBI Network to share this information. Therefore EBI cautions companies to withhold sensitive, proprietary or highly confidential information that they do not wish to be disclosed.
                * Those companies that accept an invitation to present at the investor meeting.

For any questions please contact Laura Carranza at Laura@laucarranzam@gmail.com or Jean.Vreeland11@gmail.com