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The Skokie Health and Human Services Department is working to get the COVID-19 vaccine to all residents and healthcare workers within the Village of Skokie. The Village is following the guidelines of the Illinois Department of Public Health and will be providing vaccinations in a multi-phased approach. For more information on these phases, click here. Please complete this pre-registration and you will receive notice when you are eligible to make a vaccination appointment. The Village will move to new phases as sufficient doses of the vaccine become available. Proof of Skokie residency and/or if applicable employment at a Skokie healthcare facility will be required to receive a vaccine.

Each household member must pre-register.
You must answer every question.

- Healthcare Personnel
- Hospital Settings
- Non-Hospital Healthcare
- Long-term care facility staff and all residents
- Other identified congregate care staff and all residents

For a list of Phase 1a eligible individuals, click here

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* 1. Are you a healthcare worker that works or lives in Skokie, a long-term care facility worker or resident in Skokie, or an "other congregate" worker or resident in Skokie?  For a list of Phase 1a eligible individuals, click here.


- Persons aged 65 years and older
- Frontline essential workers

For a list of Phase 1b eligible individuals, click here.

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* 2. Are you 65 or older and a resident of Skokie or frontline essential worker that lives in Skokie? For a list of Phase 1b eligible individuals, click here.


Persons aged 18 to 64 years old with high-risk medical conditions
- Other essential workers
- See page 15-16 of State of Illinois Vaccine Plan to see examples of high-risk medical conditions and examples of “essential workers”.

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* 3. Are you a Skokie resident age 18 to 64 with a high-risk medical condition or qualify as an "other essential worker"?


-Rest of Population

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* 4. Are you a Skokie resident that does not qualify for Phase 1a, 1b OR 1c vaccination (answered “No” to all questions above)?

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