In an effort to continually improve city services offered to residents we are conducting this annual survey to help rate current services and identify areas of need.  This data will be used by the community leaders to help improve current operations and determine additional services that may be implemented to better serve Tuttle residents.

The survey may be filled out by all members of your household age 12 or older.  Please try to answer all the questions completely.  Filling out the questionnaire is entirely voluntary.  However, a high participation rate is necessary and very important for a valid study, and we hope that you will answer as many questions as you can.

If you choose to fill out this paper survey, you can return it with your utility bill, or bring it to City Hall at 221 W. Main St.  You can also fill out this survey online by clicking on SURVEY at  The survey period will end on June 30th, 2021.  Feel free to encourage other residents in the Tuttle area to take this survey.  

Please contact City Hall at 405-381-2335 or if you have any questions regarding the questionnaire. Please note that the City of Tuttle takes every step to safeguard your privacy and the information you provide.