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This peer sharing call will take place July 11th, 2019 at 3pm eastern, 2pm central, 1pm mountain, 12pm pacific.

Tourism based rural communities see an influx of visitors at specific times of the year, such as spring break, or have a high volume of visitors all year round, such as communities near national parks. These visitors can benefit our rural communities, but they can also increase the presence of sexual violence.  Join Leah Green from the Resource Sharing Project on this CALL that will bring together rural program staff from across the country to discuss how they navigate community engagement, services, and outreach to sexual violence survivors in tourism based communities. Our peer-sharing calls are a space to share success, challenges, and to brainstorm together how to move forward. This call is capped at 30 participants. *This call is only relevant if your program is situated, at least partially, within a tourism based economy.*

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