The Rural Services Network (RSN) is starting work on a Manifesto document, which it will use to make the rural case ahead of the next (2015) General Election. It is important that the rural voice is heard.

This Manifesto document needs to represent the wider views of RSN members. So we are circulating this short questionnaire to seek your views about priority topics to include.

You should find that this online questionnaire will only take around 10 minutes to complete.

Your response will be anonymous and will only be used to generate statistics for internal RSN use.

At a later date in 2014 we will come back to members to ask them for further input on the selected priority topics.

Question Title

* 1. Do you work for or represent one of the following types of organisations? Tick the appropriate box:

Question Title

* 2. How important do you think it is that each of the following topics is covered by the RSN’s forthcoming Manifesto document? Please tick the relevant box:

  Very important Important Not important Don’t hold a view
The planning (land use) system
Neighbourhood and community planning
Affordable housing and house price affordability
Community action and community-owned assets
Local government funding and allocations
Viable local services e.g. shops, pubs, post offices
Access to health facilities and services
Health service funding and allocations
Older people’s services/adult social care
Rural schools
Policing and community safety
Libraries and cultural services
Public transport (including community schemes)
Rural roads
Fuel prices (for cars and transport)
Broadband and mobile connectivity
Economic growth, including business support
Workforce skills and access to training
Welfare reforms
Addressing fuel poverty (with homes)
Renewable energy (including community renewables)
Environmental services (upkeep of streets, open spaces, etc)
Flood and coastal defences
Rural proofing of policies

Question Title

* 3. Below is a repeat of that topic list. For any topic which you scored (in question 2) as ‘very important’ please state briefly why you rated it so. What particular issue or issues made you rate it so highly?

Question Title

* 4. Are there other policy topics, not listed at questions 2 and 3 above, you would like to see covered in the RSN Manifesto? Please name them in the box below:

That completes the questionnaire. Thank you for taking part.