1. Are you

2. If you have been bullied, what type of behaviour did you experience. Indicate as many as are relevant to you.

3. What event or action do you feel sparked off the bullying? Click as many as are relevant.

4. How often have you experienced the bullying

5. What effect has it had on you? Tick those that apply.

6. Have you tried to do anything about the bullying? If so, what?

7. What was the outcome? Tick as many as are relevant

8. Have you ever witnessed anybody else being bullied at the University of Newcastle?
If yes, please comment (e.g. what happened to the person, what action did they take, what was the result, did anyone support the person bullied, etc).

9. If you would like to share your experiences, please comment here. Please remember NOT to include any identifying information.

10. Has anyone told you about bullying at the University of Newcastle that they have heard about?