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* 1. The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG) would be keen to get an idea of the number of community farm and gardens that are selling produce through restaurants, hotels, shops and veggie box schemes.

The FCFCG are part of a Community Food Social Enterprise Network and this information would be a useful contribution towards helping to shape the future of selling produce to the public.

Many thanks for your help with this - there are 3 questions altogether.

Please could you fill in your project details?

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* 2. Does your project sell fruit and/or vegetable produce through any of the following outlets? What produce does it sell?

  Vegetables Fruit Value added products e.g. sausages/jam Other
Community Shop(s)
Farmers Market
Market Stall
Associated community cafe

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* 3. If your project does sell fruit and vegetable produce, roughly what percentage does this contribute to the yearly income of the project?