2018 Annual Session

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Mr. Laipply, Keynote Address, "Life is Change"
Mr. Laipply, "Brain, Bias & Behavior"
Mr. Laipply, "Selling Sand in the Desert"
Dr. Ringhofer, "A New Perspective on the Connection Between the Airway and TM Joint"
Dr. Yukna, "Lasers in Everyday Dentistry"
Dr. Yukna, "Peri-implantitis: Why is it a Problem and How do we Treat It"
Ms. Daw, "OSHA & Infection Control"
Ms. Daw, "Conflict Management"
Dr. Moore, "Safe & Responsible Pain Management in Dentistry"
Ms. Bender, Ms. Hoffman & Mr. Miller, "Identifying & Preventing Employee Theft"
Dr. Miller, "2018 Radiology Review"
Mr. Atkins & Mr. Friedrich, "HIPAA Responsibilities"
Dr. Swift, "Medical Emergencies" & "Antibiotics for Oral Surgery"
Dr. Swift, "When, Why & How of Wisdom Teeth" & "Coronectomies"
Dr. Dean & Dr. Crossland, "Sedation Monitoring"

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