Watershed stewardship organizations across Saskatchewan work with local residents to protect ground and surface water. As part of a provincial watershed stewardship strategy, your local watershed stewardship organization (SSRWSI) is requesting lake property owners to complete this short survey. Thank you for your time and participation.

* 1. Have you heard of the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards?

* 2. Do you own, rent or lease property at Shields?

* 3. Is the property on the shoreline?

* 4. If your answer to question 3 was yes, did you receive a Love Your Lake report?

* 5. What type of wastewater system is utilized on your property?

* 6. If your system is a holding tank, what type of construction is the holding tank?

* 7. If your system is a holding tank, what is the capacity of the holding tank?

* 8. What is the age of your holding tank?

* 9. To your knowledge, has your holding tank been inspected by a certified inspector?

* 10. If yes, when was it last inspected?

* 11. Please rate how important you feel that regular holding tank inspections are on the quality of ground and surface water? (1 is not at all important and 10 is extremely important)

* 12. How important do you feel the impacts of the following issues are to the health of Blackstrap lake?

  Water Quality Water Levels Fish Populations Power Boating Shoreline Development Faulty or Poorly Maintained Septic Tanks Agriculture Potential for Aquatic Invasive Species
Not Important
Slightly Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important

* 13. How would you rate the overall water quality of Blackstrap Lake?

* 14. Are you interested in learning more about how property owners can affect water quality, wildlife habitat, and the overall health of Blackstrap Lake?

* 15. Would you attend an informative workshop, seminar, meeting or other event to learn more about lake stewardship?

* 16. Would you be interested in participating in stewardship projects and/or activities related to Blackstrap Lake?

* 17. If you answered yes to question 14 or 15, please provide your name and contact information

* 18. Any other comments or suggestions?