* 1. Tournament ID

* 2. Tournament Name

* 3. Tournament City

* 4. What attracted you to this tournament? Check all that apply.

* 5. Please rate the following aspects of the tournament staff:

  Excellent Very Good Acceptable Deficient Poor N/A
Professionalism (friendly, helpful, courteous)
Tournament Desk Efficiency
Tournament Results Posted in a Timely Manner
Main Draw Scheduling
Consolation Scheduling
Handling of Defaults
Availability of Tournament Information

* 6. Please rate the following aspects of the Tournament's Officiating

  Excellent Very Good Acceptable Deficient Poor N/A
Rules were communicated to Players
Draws and Match Times Posted on Time
Seeding Was Done According to Regulations
Availability of Certified Officials
Officials Readily Noticeable (and in uniform)
Adequate Court Coverage by Certified Officials
Adherence to USTA Rules
Adherence to 10 and Under Rules

* 7. Please rate the following aspects of the facility.

  Excellent Very Good Acceptable Deficient Poor N/A
Condition of Host Facility/Clubhouse
Condition of Restrooms
Condition of Courts
Court Availability
Seating Around Courts
Availability of Practice Courts
Viewer Seating
Location of Satellite Playing Sites

* 8. Please rate the following aspects of tournament amenities and hospitality:

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
Tournament Guide/Program
Tournament Web Site
Gifts for Players
Water Available to Players

* 9. What did you enjoy most about this tournament?

* 10. What did you enjoy least about this tournament?

* 11. Please tell us about the tournament related functions and activities that were offered.

* 12. Please provide us with any other feedback you feel would improve this tournament.

If you encountered a serious issue that you would like to discuss with USTA Staff, please call 800-644-7282 and speak with Patrick Yackmack, Competition Coordinator. Also, don't forget you can nominate a tournament to win the Jim Russell Junior Tournament of the Year by visiting www.sctennis.com/awards.

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