Hello Huskies,

Do you think that you can handle a week full of events and competitions to become the Champions of the Spirit Week. If so sign your team up. Once you sign your team up you will receive a packet of information. Last day to sign-up is January 31st.

Events Include: Dodgeball, Human Battle Ship, Talent show, Atwood After Dark and much more

Good Luck,

University Program Board and the Celebrate Committee

* 1. Please enter your name, and organization

* 2. What type of team is this?

* 3. Name of team members not including you

* 4. For additional points do you want to sign up to create a sculpture in front of Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, if you say yes, then you are committed to this event, but if you fail to participate after choosing yes, then you will lose points in your overall total for the end of the week. There is no penalty for not choosing to participate and there is no requirements to fufill to sign up. More information will be provided closer to the actual week of the competition.

Thank you for signing up. Look forward to an e-mail that will be coming in the upcoming weeks! If you have any question please email upbhuskypridespirit@stcloudstate.edu