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The Canadian Centre for Elder Law, in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia, is examining the law, policy and practice of consent to health care in the context of aging and dementia. This 16-month project funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia involves extensive comparative legal research on informed consent and interrelated areas of the law, as well as community and key stakeholder consultation. The work is informed by an expert interdisciplinary advisory committee and will culminate in a report identifying areas for law and practice reform and at least one plain language educational resource on health care consent rights.

This year we have been holding focus groups with people living with dementia and their family caregivers to learn more about your experiences with health care consent. As a final step in consultation we are conducting this online survey of family caregivers of people living with dementia who make health care decisions or assist with health care decisions for the person living with dementia.

More on this project: https://www.bcli.org/project/health-care-consent-aging-and-dementia-mapping-law-and-practice-in-british-columbia

* 1. Do you, or did you in the past, make health care decisions for a person living with dementia, or assist them with health care decisions?

BC law defines health care as anything that is done for a therapeutic, preventive, palliative, diagnostic, cosmetic or other purpose related to health. Health care decisions include decisions about medication and treatment, including participation in drug trials, testing and surgery.

* 2. Does/did the person living with dementia live in British Columbia?

* 3. Please complete the following statement. The person for whom I made or make health care decisions is my...

* 4. For how many years have you been making or assisting with health care decisions for the person living with dementia?

If the person living with dementia has passed away, please select the option that corresponds to the total number of years of assisting with, or making, health care decisions for the person living with dementia.

* 5. Where does the person living with dementia currently live? Please check all that apply