Topic #1 - Taylor Swift (Optional Topic)

Welcome to Survey #4 of Survey Says Podcast: I'd Be The Man. The 3 topics are Taylor Swift (optional), Make-Up and Creativity. You can choose to answer the questions in detail by expanding on your answer in the "Why?" comment box, or simple choose an answer from the multiple choices and move on. You will be able to choose at the end of survey whether you want to stay Anonymous or connect your answers to your name. Enjoy!

If you're here and don't like Taylor Swift/have nothing nice to say then pls skip over these questions to the final part of the survey. We know she's not everyones cup of tea, so we'll leave this topic optional.

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* 1. Favourite Taylor Swift album?

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* 2. What is your Taylor Swift discovery story? (Feel free to audio record yourself responding to this question and submit the file to our facebook page messages to feature it on the episode and just comment, "Sent audio file" below. If you'd rather just type it out go for it)

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* 3. Country Taylor or Pop Taylor?

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