Roles we are looking for are
Group Leaders (travels with the group to each event, including lunch. The group leader will select participants if the group does not already have a roster for the sport.) 
Referees(One referee/field/court. Will call fouls, keep score, and keep time. The referee will record and report the winner and loser from each court to the Sport Manager to ensure proper record keeping.)
Sport Managers (Leads each sport by welcoming students, explaining the format, assigning groups to a court/field, and running the games and transitions according to the scheduled amount of time. The Sport Manager is also responsible for record keeping.)
 Meal Support (Plates the food and utensils and fills water during lunch time for each of the grade bands. Also runs food to referees/sport leaders if needed.
Set Up Crew (Assists in setting up fields/courts as needed. Also assists in tear down after the Closing Ceremony, starting at 10:00am)
Tear Down Crew (Assists in setting up fields/courts as needed. Also assists in tear down after the Closing Ceremony. starting around starting at 3:00pm)
K-2 Zone (Helping out with the K-2's during the game, making sure they get to meal and are enjoying their time at the event.)
Community Service (Help support students during their community service time)

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. Email

* 5. Are you currently an intern or volunteer with After-School All-Stars Ohio?

* 6. Are you currently a paid staff with After-School All-Stars Ohio?

* 7. Are you 18 years or older?

* 8. What would role would you like to hold during the event? (Please choose at least two or as many as you would be willing to help with)

* 9. What is your availability for the day of the event? (5/6/17)

* 10. Which sports are you most familiar with?