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Hi! We’re Brandon and Jennifer Pearce. Since 2009, we’ve been traveling with our three daughters, and have visited and lived in over 32 different countries (see During that time, we’ve met so many amazing families who have inspired us and enriched our lives. We’ve also met families who have been inspired by the idea of family travel and have taken steps toward that journey.

We’ve found travel to be a powerful way to expand our minds, catalyze our personal growth, and help us feel more connected to our global human family and planet.

Next year (2017), we would like to host an event called The Family Adventure Summit. This will be an opportunity for traveling families (and those who aspire to travel) to connect in person around the topics of travel, entrepreneurship, education, community, life fulfillment, and more. We’ll invite experts to speak and present workshops on these topics, and also have many fun games and activities for all ages, including family activities.

Whether you yearn to connect more with a vibrant community of global families who share your values, or you want to get support and learn how to make a life on the road work for you, this will be a life-changing event you won’t want to miss!

We want this event to be an inspiring, connecting, and empowering experience. In order to help us shape the details, we invite you to participate in the following survey. Thank you for your interest and support, and we look forward to meeting you at the Family Adventure Summit in 2017!

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* 1. In general, how interested are you in attending an event like this?

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* 2. Is your family currently location independent, nomadic, or able to travel for extended periods?

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* 3. Which aspects of this event are you most excited about? (Please rank in order, with 1 at the top being the most excited)

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* 4. Which topics would you be most interested in hearing about at the event?

  Not Interested Somewhat interested Moderately interested Very interested Extremely interested
Creating a mobile income (or other ways to fund travels)
Logistics of travel (safety, visas, packing, mail, insurance, vaccinations, etc.)
Education (homeschooling, worldschooling, unschooling, online schools, international public/private schools, etc.)
Managing relationships with family and friends back home
How to travel on a small budget (ways to travel with less money, etc.)
Different traveling methods (traveling by RV/Campervan, sailboat, bicycle, etc.)
Pacing and dealing with travel burnout
Repatriation or coming back home after travel
Location-specific information (best destinations for traveling families)
Balancing family/couple/personal/work time and managing boundaries while traveling
Healthy living while on the road (diet, natural health, alternative medicine)
Intuition, mindfulness, developing happiness habits, and finding "home"
Minimalism (reducing clutter, traveling with less, letting go)
Volunteering abroad with kids, and other ways to make a difference
Integrating into local communities and cultures
Travel photography (best practices, creating photo books, etc.)
Blogging about your travels

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* 5. Is there anyone you would recommend we invite to speak or present a workshop at this event? List as many people as you like and why you think they would be a good choice, and for which topics. (Feel free to include yourself if you'd like.)

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* 6. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for kids and family activities? (consider arts and crafts, sports and physical play, music and dance, technology and gaming, entrepreneurship and creativity, etc.)