* 1. What type of terrapin observation are you reporting?  Please complete one entry per observation.

* 2. How many terrapins were associated with this observation?

* 3. Was the terrapin(s) alive or dead?

* 4. How big was the terrapin(s) that you observed?


* 8. Where did this observation occur?  To obtain latitude and longitude, follow these steps: 
a) Go to Google Maps
b) Zoom in to the location where your observation occurred
c) Place the mouse cursor over the observation location, right click, and select "What's here"
d) Copy/paste latitude and longitude (decimal degree format) into the boxes below

* 9. When did this observation occur?

Date / Time

* 12. Address

* 13. Please provide any additional information about your observation that wasn't captured in the choices above.

Thank you for reporting your observation to the state-wide diamondback terrapin data base. By working together with SCDNR, citizen scientists like you are making a difference in the protection of this unique and important species.  For more information about diamondback terrapin research and conservation in South Carolina, please visit our website or email us.