The Cochise County Library District will be hosting a number of boxes around the county that will provide free books to anyone in the community. We appreciate your input on this before we begin. If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to contact Amadee Ricketts at 520-432-8935.

* 1. What kinds of books are you most interested in? (Number with “1” being your highest interest.)

* 2. What fiction authors or genres (e.g. mystery, science fiction) are you most interested in?

* 3. What nonfiction topics are you most interested in?

* 4. What location in your community would you suggest for a box? (We want these to be convenient for the most people possible.)

* 5. Are you interested in helping to manage a free book box? (If so, please include your name and email address or phone number.)

* 6. Other comments or suggestions: