Santa Clara County Mother Friendly Employer Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the Santa Clara County Mother Friendly Employer Program. Please review the program requirements, which are listed below, prior to submitting your application.

Santa Clara County Mother Friendly Employer Requirements:

Mother Friendly Employers understand the importance of breastfeeding and are committed to supporting mothers and families. They actively promote and support breastfeeding by employees and those served by their organization. In order to be designated as a Mother Friendly Employer, the organization must meet, and have a written lactation accommodation policy that addresses, the following minimum requirements.

A reasonable amount of break time is provided to employees who want to express breast milk or nurse their infant. (Typically, a pumping session requires 20-40 minutes; however, the amount of time it takes varies from mother to mother. A pumping break in the morning, pumping during the lunch break and a pumping break in the afternoon works well for many women. Some women may require more or fewer breaks, depending on their specific needs.)

A private space in close proximity to the employee’s work area, other than a bathroom or toilet stall, is made available to employees who want to express breast milk or nurse their infant. The space should be clean and comfortable, equipped with an electrical outlet, and contain comfortable seating and a table or other flat surface to hold a breast pump. It should also be located near a sink with running water for hand washing and cleaning of equipment.

A hygienic and secure location is available for employees to store expressed breast milk. (Examples: refrigerator, location to store personal cooker, etc)

All employees are informed of the written lactation accommodation policy. (Examples: email, include in employee orientation materials, inform at staff meeting, etc)

Atmosphere of Tolerance:
Harassment of a breastfeeding employee or exercising any conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment is not tolerated. A procedure for handling harassment of a breastfeeding employee exists.