The Sections and Chapters Council (“S&CC) of A&WMA has opened elections for the Vice-Chair position. The elected Vice-Chair will assume the position January 1, 2022 and will serve as Vice-Chair until December 31, 2024. Upon completion of the Vice-Chair position, this person will assume the S&CC Chair position and serve on the Association’s Board of Directors for three years.

Please note that this vote is not being conducted on an individual member basis. Each Section and each Chapter may only cast 1 vote prior to the May 10, 2021 deadline. Therefore, please coordinate with the leaders within your section or chapter on how to cast this vote.  All votes will be validated by headquarters, with the election results being finalized prior to the next S&CC meeting (scheduled for June 8, 2021).

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* 2. Please list your name and position within your local unit. 

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* 3. Please choose the candidate for 2022-2024 Vice Chair, who will become Chair from 2025-2027.

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