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At the 2018 SCAR Delegates meeting, several proposals were received for new SCAR Science Groups. The Delegates recalled the large effort a decade ago to reduce the number of science programmes at that time and asked the SCAR Executive Committee to undertake a review of the SCAR science programme structure to recommend how the Delegates should proceed. With this in mind we are seeking feedback across the SCAR community to determine how our constituents interact with the SCAR Science Programmes and to understand if the current structure is fit-for-purpose and delivering the needs of the SCAR community and SCAR stakeholders. Where it is potentially not fit-for-purpose, we are seeking input to improve the structure and to better develop SCAR’s science support and advice.


To help with that process, we are seeking a wide range of input from those who engage with SCAR as researchers, national representatives, and users of SCAR science, products and services.
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