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You can use this assessment in different ways, including these options:

Option 1: As an individual
Reflect on a team to which you belong (for example, the people you work with most regularly or a work group across several program areas)

Option 2: As a team 
  • Each team member completes the assessment individually, and then all scores are tallied and averaged to get a team score.
  • Take the assessment together - discuss and come to agreement on a rating for each item.

Option 3: To measure change
Choose one of the options above, record your score, then set a date to complete the assessment again in the same way. Compare your scores to measure growth after applying the tools and resources in the Pathways.

Your average score will be calculated and displayed after you complete the assessment, along with information to interpret your score. You may wish to take a screen shot of your results. Be sure to answer every question in order to receive an accurate score.