The Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago (SBS) has been in existence shortly after the “Great Chicago Fire” in 1872. The Society was designed at first to help members of the Swiss Community of Chicago to weather the hardships inflicted upon them by the fire. The initial funds grew through generous contributions and smart investment activities and the Society began to widen its scope of support to; monthly stipends to elderly or disabled citizens of Swiss descent; funding of senior member gatherings; scholarship grants to students of Swiss descent, having permanent residence in the state of Illinois or parts of Wisconsin, awarded by annual competition; support for summer language study at Concordia language villages; funding assistance for special events of cultural and other nature directly related to our Swiss heritage or benefiting the Chicago area Swiss Community at large.

However, in recent years the contributions diminished, and thus the society’s funds will be depleted in about 12-16 years. We currently don’t fundraise – we just use earnings from investments from long ago funds.

We are thinking about how we should use our funds in the future, and if we cannot sustain all the existing programs we fund, how can we set goals to fundraise or reallocate the way we use them today. In order to find a redefined mission statement, the Board of Directors is tasked with deciding the future of the SBS.

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