Welcome to the Bicycle Network Workplace bike parking Inventory. The Inventory provides a detailed description of the categories of bicycle parking provision at your workplace. Generally the Inventory is completed by the Workplace Bicycle Coordinator or someone who has detailed knowledge of the facilities. We only need one bike parking Inventory per site.

The Inventory is complemented by the shorter Rider Assessment which allows the riders to rate the categories of the bicycle parking provision at the workplace. Generally the Rider Assessment is completed by all users of the bicycle parking facilities at the workplace. Please circulate the Rider Assessment to the users of the parking facility.

The Inventory and the Assessment will be used to help improve facilities for bike riders, to further encourage bike riding to the workplace and create the guidelines for better workplace bike parking.

This survey has 50 questions in 11 sections. If you have a thorough knowledge of the facilities, it should take less than ten minutes to fill in. The questions are also available in a PDF document so that you can print the Inventory out and 'walk through' the facility before completing the online inventory.

Thank you for your help in getting better bike parking!