Welcome... This introduction page provides an overview of the research and of pages that follow.

Thank you for volunteering to participate in this research. The information you provide is entirely anonymous and confidential. You must be between the ages 18 and 65 (inclusive) to participate.

This study investigates the relationship between how we view the self and the coping styles we use in risky situations. Completing the ensuing questionnaires is very straight forward and will take about 10 minutes of your time. By pressing the "next" button at the bottom of each page you will be guided through a sequence of pages in the order listed below.

>>> Agreement to participate in research.
>>> General information (Age, Gender, etc.)
>>> A set of 14 multiple choice questions.
>>> A second set of 17 multiple choice questions.
>>> A debriefing statement (no action required.)

You will have the option of printing the "Agreement to participate" as well as the "debriefing" forms for your record. This can be done by using the standard print mechanisms on your computer.

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