1. Default Section

* 2. Course Title and Number (e.g. BIO 131-001)

* 3. Time of your regular course (e.g. Spring 2010)

* 4. Information about the library instruction session or sessions:

  Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent
The relevance of the material presented in the session(s) to the course goals was:

* 5. Information about the librarian

  Poor good Fair Good Very Excellent
Librarian's enthusiasm for the subject of the library instruction session(s) was:
Librarian's use of class time to help students learn the subject matter was:
Librarian's helpfulness in resolving student's questions was:
The librarian's effectiveness in teaching the subject matter was:

* 6. What aspects of the instruction or contents do you feel was especially good?

* 7. What changes could be made to improve the teaching or the content of this course?

* 8. I am a