1. How do you stay informed regarding school news and events? Please select all that apply.

2. Orange Grove Middle School provides adequate communication regarding school news and events.

3. I am satisfied with the level of communication from classroom teachers regarding my child's academics.

4. If not, what additional information would you like to have about your child’s progress?

5. How often do you check teacher's websites?

6. Do you find teacher's websites up-to-date and useful?

7. When you contact one of your child's teachers, they respond in a timely fashion.

8. I have a good understanding of my child's upcoming assignments and due dates.

9. Has your child attended ZAP, Academic Assistance, Math Lab, Saturday School, teacher study sessions, or our 6th grade Student Support Program?

10. Please specify the program attended and provide feedback regarding you and your child's experience.

11. Do you regularly use ParentVUE to monitor your student's progress?

12. If you answered no, what other tool do you use to monitor their progress?

13. If you answered yes, how often do you check ParentVUE?

14. Does the ParentVUE tool give you adequate information about your child's progress?

15. Have we supported your use of ParentVUE/StudentVUE?