1. 2017 ECE Senior Placement Survey

Hi SDP17 Students:

Every year, in addition to the ECE Senior Survey, the ECE department conducts the ECE Senior Placement Survey. This survey is about your post-graduation plans.

Note that this survey has some optional questions (i.e. salary). While it would be very helpful if you would answer the optional questions (salary, etc) you may, of course, leave them blank. Personal information will not be made public but aggregated information (e.g. "x% of our seniors had jobs at graduation," "the average starting salary was $y," etc.) will.

Finally, similar to the ECE Senior Survey, completion of the ECE Placement Survey is a necessary element of your SDP team's check-out process.

Please complete this survey no later than Monday, 15th May 2017.

thanks, and good luck!


C.V. Hollot, PhD
Professor and Head
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst MA 01003

* 1. Last Name:

* 2. First Name:

* 3. Your hometown or hometowns.

* 4. Primary major

* 5. Other major, if any.

* 6. Minors, Certificates, etc.

* 7. Your gmail email address or other non-UMass email address.

* 8. Please enter your mobile telephone number or other non-UMass number.

* 9. Your expected graduation date.

* 10. Please indicate your current status.

* 11. If desired, please add comments here regarding your current status.

* 12. If you have accepted a job offer, please tell us about the job (employer, position, location, description/project).

* 13. If you received multiple offers, please list all of those companies.

* 14. If you have accepted a job offer, what will your annual salary level be?

* 15. If you have received multiple offers, please list all the salary offers from all employers (same order as above). (Again, this is optional but we would really appreciate the info.)

* 16. What are your plans regarding graduate studies? (one option)

* 17. If you are going to graduate school, please list the schools and departments here.

Thank you for completing the placement survey. Please click on "Done" to submit your entries.