Safety Survey

* 1. Please Check Appropriate Box

* 2. What is one thing you think the district currently does well to provide a safe learning environment?

* 3. What do you see as the #1 priority the district should consider for increased student and staff safety?

* 4. During regular school hours, visitors are required to sign in at the main office. During special events (WPS Monthly Program, CRS P2 Team Time, OHMS Spelling Bee), this is logistically problematic. Should the district consider ending daytime events that are open to the public?

* 5. After-school events are another security challenge. How can the district provide open access to concerts, athletic events, and other activities while maintaining a secure environment?

* 6. Would you support funding to restore one district-wide school resource officer?

* 7. Would you support funding to add an additional school social worker to help with students' social-emotional needs?

* 8. Would you support the funding of school resource officers for each of the four buildings?

* 9. Would you support the additional funding even if it meant exceeding the 2% tax cap?

* 10. Additional comments/suggestions.