1. This assessment must be completed at least two weeks prior to departure.

Any student who intends on participating in an off-campus trip must complete this travel assessment each semester. The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with important information around the Institute's expectations of you during the trip. If you have any questions regarding this assessment, please contact an SLP staff member:

Carissa Durfee, Director
durfeec@wit.edu - x4086

Linda Bernazzani, Assistant Director
bernazzanil@wit.edu - x4199

Steve Rossi, Assistant Director
rossis1@wit.edu - x4087

Eric Crumrine, Program Advisor
crumrinee@wit.edu - x4801

* 1. Please provide your name

* 2. Please provide your WIT ID number.

* 3. Students who are participating in an off-campus trip are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and all applicable state and federal laws.

* 4. I understand that while I am participating in an off-campus trip, I am representing Wentworth.

* 5. I am responsible for contacting my professors BEFORE the off-campus trip to discuss with them my absence from class and how I can make up any missed work (if applicable).

* 6. Possession of alcohol is not permitted during transportation to and from the off-campus trip.

* 7. Students are expected to abide by all alcohol consumption laws during the off-campus trip.

* 8. Students are expected to make the most of the opportunity to travel off-campus and be mindful that Institute funds were used to cover some or all of the cost of the trip.