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* 11. When you think of NORDC, what immediate thought/feeling comes to mind?

* 12. I am a (check all that apply):

* 13. If you were running NORDC, what would you START doing?

* 14. If you were running NORDC, what would you STOP doing?

* 15. What is the biggest misperception about NORDC?

* 16. I (or someone in my household) have participated in the following NORDC programs in the last five years (check all that apply):

* 17. Please rate your overall satisfaction with NORDC.

* 18. Does your child participate in other athletic programs that are not associated with NORDC?

* 19. Which of the following facts about NORDC are you aware of? (check all that apply)

* 20. I know that NORDC offers the following programs (check all that apply):

* 21. Have you ever rented a NORDC facility for a special event?

* 22. If yes, which one? (check all that apply)

* 23. What are the most rewarding aspects of volunteering for NORDC?

* 24. How do you mainly find out about what is happening at NORDC?

* 25. How often do you go to the NORDC website for information?

* 26. Do you receive email updates about NORDC?

* 27. Can we send you future updates about NORDC via email?

* 28. What can we do at NORDC to improve our communication with you?

* 29. Which of the following about NORDC might you be interested in learning more about?

* 30. Would you be willing to pay a nominal fee on a sliding scale to ensure that NORDC facilities are maintained and staffed and that quality programs can continue to be offered?

* 31. Would you be interested in participating in future focus groups to give us you opinions about NORDC?

* 32. Other comments or concerns?

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