1. The Senior Business Consultants, LLC Business Health  Assessment

Welcome to the Business Health Assessment by Senior Business Consultants, LLC. This assessment is a diagnostic tool developed to help business owners and C-Level executives to determine and assess their overall level of proficiency in a controlled and accurate way by measuring your six (6) core dimensions of company operations.

This approach towards understanding your company's proficiency is a first step in understanding better how to become a more productive, profitable, and growth-focused company and which can help you to target areas for continuous improvement.
The survey should only take 5 minutes (or less) to complete.  On completion, you will receive your results.  
Note I am requesting your contact infomation first. Should you want a copy of the survey I will be able to provide one, as long as I have your contact information. If you do not want survey results or your contact information disclosed, please stop here. It will save you time.

Kindest regards,
Warren J. Rutherford
Senior Business Consultants, LLC

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