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The RSPO Secretariat together with the Shared Responsibility Working Group have developed a proposed new Shared Responsibility Verification Manual, which is ready for the first round of public consultation. 

The Verification Manual has been developed with the aim of ensuring that the Shared Responsibility requirements (as endorsed by the RSPO Board in 2019) are acknowledged and upheld by members. The two key proposals outlined in this Verification Manual are the “‘Incentive and Sanction”’ mechanism and additional third-party verification for the members subjected to the SR requirements.

Stakeholders are able to provide feedback on the draft Shared Responsibility Verification Manual through an online survey. The survey is open for 60 days to all stakeholders from 30 May until 29 July 2022.

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* Ethics and data
This public consultation is intended to understand the views of stakeholders with regards to the development of the Shared Responsibility Verification Manual. All received feedback will be analysed by the RSPO Secretariat alongside recommendations from the Shared Responsibility Working Group, changes will be incorporated into the draft final manual where appropriate. Another round of public consultation on the draft final manual will be held later this year. The RSPO Board of Governors will take a decision on whether to endorse the final version of the manual after which it will come into effect.

Submitted information will be anonymised, no participants could be identified as an individual when findings of the consultation are to be published. This survey is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time.

Given the above, are you happy to continue?

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