1. KellyOKelly Reunion 2010 Survey

To capture feedback on the Kelly Family Reunion held in June, 2010.

* 1. Food:
Please rate and comment upon the food. The food on Fri:lasagna / Sat am: breakfast / Sat lunch: chili. /Sat dinner: burgers, hot dogs, sausages. / Sun am: leftovers ( N/A if not applicable or not there)

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Sat breakfast
Sat lunch
Sat dinner

* 2. Tent/Camping Area?
Let us know what you thought about the tent/camping space. How can we improve next time?

* 3. Mingling
How would rate the opportunity to meet other people and interact?

* 4. Port-A-Potties:
Please rate the facilities. Consider the following: Were there enough Port-a-potties? Were they located in the right place? Was there enough soap? Some sanitizer? Was there enough water? Let us know what you thought. Did you like the little historical news items on the washroom doors? I did.

* 5. Games and things to do:
What did you think? Does anyone know games we can include next time?

* 6. Frequency of Reunion.
Do you think the reunion should be every 5 years? Who thinks it should be more frequent? How often do you think we should have the reunion?

* 7. Picture Distribution
Did you like receiving the pictures on a cd or do you think it would have been better to have them on a website?

* 8. T-Shirts:
Do you like the idea of having T-shirts? (another idea would be to have different coloured wristbands and nametags)

* 9. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Reunion.

* 10. Comments, Suggestions, Kudos and leave your name if you want. Thanks for taking the survey, we will let you know the results on KellyOKelly.com soon.